Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 2


In Denmark we have a word for that cosy feeling of togetherness - HYGGE

Hygge is all about creating cosy social gatherings, intimate get-togethers, enjoying the good things in life, with the feeling of wellbeing and in warm atmospheres. 

Hygge is exactly what you experience when you take part in our tournament.

Hygge on the playing field, where you are challenged by different styles, different techniques, all while playing the beautiful game of football with your best friends and future friends.

Hygge off the playing field, where you get to socialize daily at our event area that is filled with fun activities for all ages and in the evening you can enjoy our fun park and disco.

Hygge at your accommodation, where you form friendships with other teams and our own volunteers who just love «Hygge» with our visitors. 

“HYGGE” = bringing back the good times - only in Denmark.

Today we relive the Boys B19 final from 2019 – Staal Jørpeland IL (NOR) v Jammerbugt FC (DEN).

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