Most participants at the Dana Cup, choose to stay on a school.

The A-band includes, participation in the Dana Cup, full board (3 meals a day) from Monday evening to Saturday lunch and accommodation in a school. 

Breakfast is served on your school. Lunch and dinner is served in the FiberHallen or HALLEN Park Vendia in the Dana Cup center area.

The general dates for the school accommodation are from Monday to Saturday. The maximum length of stay without extra costs for accommodation is from Saturday to Sunday.

You can also choose the D-band which is participation bands for teams not wishing to stay on a school. We can assist with other accommodations in hotels etc. Read more about our upgrade options 

Participants at the Dana Cup in Hjørring are accommodated on 28-30 schools. Dana Cup participants can use our free buses that travel in a star system from early in the morning to late at night.

When we are planning the accommodation we are conscious about mixing the different cultures to give a positive intercultural dimension.  

When there are a number of teams from the same club we try as best we can to have them on the same school. Some teams are accommodated in gymnastic halls or halls together with other teams but only other teams from the same club.

Participants must bring their own mattress and sleeping bag, although it is possible to rent a mattress or bed if you wish to. Orders for mattresses or beds can be made through your clubs login page.

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