Top of Denmark 

Dana Cup takes place in and around Hjørring in the Top of Denmark, which for generations has been a popular holiday resort with its distinctive nature, long coast line and the ever present sea. In the Top of Denmark, you are greeted by hospitable friendly people, beautiful scenery and glorious white beaches. Only a few kilometers from the playing fields you will find some exciting activities for the whole family, along with arts, shopping, gastronomy and wellness.

Below you will find some links to different cities in the Top of Denmark, here you will information about activities, attractions and events - there are plenty of opportunities for some fantastic experiences in the Top of Denmark between your football games.

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Hjørring is the old cultural capital of Vendsyssels, and Hjørring welcomes guests to shopping, café's, museums and plenty of experiences like the Hjørring Classic cabaret and theater. With loads of specialty shops, the shopping center - Metropol and a wide range of supermarkets, there is a plenty of opportunities to do a good deal in Hjørring. It is also a very charming market town with inviting walking streets, squares and lots of atmosphere. At the P. Nørkjærs Plads there awaits an artistic experience. 
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In Lønstrup the city is filled with arts and craft galleries and workshops. Here you can also experience the harsh nature where the North Sea is slowly eating the cliff that the city is built on. Rubjerg Knude is the highest and wildest part of the Lønstrup cliff and it is now possible to climb up inside the sandy Rubjerg Knude Fyr via an inside stairway. 
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Hirtshals & Tversted
Hirtshals is the perfect holiday destination for families who love the nature and would like to enjoy an active holiday. Here you will find kilometers of beautiful beaches and some of the best waters for windsurfing and loads of opportunities for fishing both of the coastline or from a tour boat. In Hirtshals you will also find the North Sea Oceanarium - Northern Europe's largest aquarium. In Tversted you can also get close to the nature, enjoy a walk along the wide beach or take a trip to Tversted Plantation and Tversted lakes. A visit to Tversted is not over until you have visited the Blå Ishus (Blue Icecream house) and enjoyed a beautiful icecream.
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The seaside town of Løkken on the North Sea offers a load of fun activities for the whole family, as well as cafes and a cozy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a beach lifestyle on Denmark's widest beach even if you wish to participate in the activities on the beach or just relax with some peace and quiet. In Løkken you can shop in the charming walking streets or enjoy a fantastic menu from one of the many restaurants. 
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Visit Aalborg - North Jutlands capital. Here you can shop, enjoy life at the new waterfront or hop in the harbour pool to cool down in the Limfjorden. 
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At the end of the World, where the two oceans meet, you will find the little fishing town of Skagen. The special atmosphere in the city, the light that reflects upon the sea and the nature that is worn by the wind and the sand, makes it always a pleasure to visit Skagen.
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Gourmet Restaurants
If participants at the Dana Cup - parents, supporters osv. wish to try a very special dining experience out of the ordinary, there is plenty of opportunities in Northern Jutland which boasts quiet a number of gourmet restaurants. We can suggest the following:

• Restaurant Abstrakt (Hirtshals)
• Villa Vest (Lønstrup)
• Ruths Hotel (Skagen)
• Mortens Kro (Aalborg)


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