Opening ceremony on Monday

The tournament will start with a collective march into Nord Energi Arena on Monday the 25th of July at 19.30.

First rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday

The teams are dealed into groups of 4 or possibly 5 teams, with each team meeting each other.

Second rounds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

The second round will operate on a knock out basis. The first and second ranked teams from the first rounds will play in the second round A, while the remaining teams will play in the second round B.


Finals in the 7-a-side classes will be played on Friday, the A finals in classes G18-19, G17 and G13 and the B-finals in classes G18-19 and G13. All other finals will be played on Saturday. Program for the finals

Age limits 2022

B18-19 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2003 or later
B17 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2005 or later
B16 Boys (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2006 or later
B15 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2007 or later
B14 Boys (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2008 or later
B13 Boys (11:11) born 1.1.2009 or later
B12 Boys (7:7) born 1.1.2010 or later
B11 Boys (7:7) born 1.1.2011 or later

G18-19 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2003 or later
G17 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2005 or later
G16 Girls (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2006 or later
G15 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2007 or later
G14 Girls (11:11) (7:7) born 1.1.2008 or later
G13 Girls (11:11) born 1.1.2009 or later
G12 Girls (7:7) born 1.1.2010 or later

Tournament rules


Teams who are participating in the Dana Cup have the opportunity to win medals and beautiful trophies.

Read more about certificates, medals, trophies and team photos.


It is possible to order bus transport to and from your accommodation for Dana Cup participants with the (A-band) on arrival and departure with the

  • ferry in Frederikshavn, Hirtshals or Grenaa
  • plane in Aalborg or Aarhus
  • train in Hjørring

Transport on arrival and departure must be ordered via your club login. Your order must be made by the latest date, the 1st of July.

It is also possible to order bus transport on arrival and departure if you use Billund, Esbjerg, Copenhagen, Hamburg etc. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information or to make a booking.

There are Dana Cup buses running between the bus terminal (Hestkærvej) in the center area and the schools that are more than 2 kms from the center area. There are also buses running between the bus terminal and the playing fields outside the center area.

A-Band - Free transport with Dana Cup buses between the clubs school accommodation and bus terminal and also between the bus terminal and playing fields.

D-Band and Dana Cup-Band - Free transport with Dana Cup buses between the bus terminal and playing fields.

Read more about transport to and from or during the tournament.


Accommodation is in a school or a hall. Participants must bring their own mattresses and sleeping bags.  

It is possible to rent a mattress or bed through the Dana Cup. We can also assist with upgrades from the school accommodation (A-bands) to hotels etc. Hotels are always cheapest via the Dana Cup.

Read more about our school accommodation and upgrade options


Breakfast is served on your accommodation. Lunch and dinner is served in the FiberHallen or HALLEN Park Vendia at the Dana Cup center. Teams arriving early or departing a day later can order extra meals that will be served on the school. 

Read more about our meals and menu

Leader meeting

Every club that is accommodated by the Dana Cup (A-band) will receive 2 invitations. Leaders with the (D-band) can purchase an invitation. The invitation gives entrance to a huge leader meeting on Tuesday night where we hand out the Dana Cup leader t-shirt.

Read more about our leader meeting 

Accompanying parents / supporters 

Visiting parents and relatives are increasing their attendance at the Dana Cup. This family getaway has become an annual event and a good tradition for many families. Dana Cup can offer assistance to parents and relatives. 

We can offer accommodation in hotels, youth hostels etc. Hotels are always cheapest via the Dana Cup.

For further information click here 

Start and participation fees

Each team will pay a start fee.

All players, trainers, leaders and others with accommodation in a school will pay a participation fee (A-band).
Players, trainers and leaders who do not have accommodation on a school will also pay a participation fee (D-band).

Your entry form and start fee must reach the Dana Cup by the latest date the 1st of May, 2022.
The participation fee must reach the Dana Cup by the latest date the 25th of May, 2022. 

Read more about the start and participation fees


To register for the tournament, you just need to fill in our entry form

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. 
We look forward to seeing you here at the Dana Cup Hjørring 2022. 

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