Honor Award

Honor is the idea of a bond between an individual and a society as a quality of a person that is both of social teaching and of personal ethos, that manifests itself as a code of conduct, and has various elements such as valor, chivalry, honesty, and compassion. 

Throughout the years, we have formed thousands of invaluable friendships - friendships with people who are loyal to the Dana Cup Hjørring and friends who are fantastic ambassadors. Friends who return - year after year, while sharing their positive knowledge of our tournament. Friends who ensure that thousands of teams visit and participate in the Dana Cup Hjørring each summer. 

The Honor Award started in 2017 and each summer we choose a handful of people to receive the prestigious award and we thank them sincerely for their "Honor" towards us and our tournament. Below we proudly present our Honor Award winners.

Dana Cup Hjørring - Honor Award 2019


Byron Maldonado – La Academia FC - Guatemala

Byron Maldonado has sent 33 teams to the Dana Cup over the last 17 years and in 2019 he participated with two teams. Byron is on the road for 5 weeks at a time, participating in different tournaments throughout Europe with Dana Cup being his absolute favorite – It is always like coming home when we arrive to the Dana Cup. The teams Byron travel with are well known for their fantastic behavior, politeness and their willingness to unite and form friendships on their journey – we salute and respect the way Byron forms his players and teams. Congratulations Byron! 

Bill Hamilton – Referee - England

Bill Hamilton, a former British reporter at the BBC, has participated in the Dana Cup for several years as a skilled and respected referee among both players and colleagues. Bill encompasses exactly what the Dana Cup stands for when it comes to respect, loyalty, equality and quality. Bill performs his referee duties in the highest manner. Congratulations Bill!

Mamuka Kvaratskhelia – Vake Wit – Georgia

Mamuka Kvaratskhelia has participated in the Dana Cup over 25 years, both as a journalist and as a travel agent. He has travelled with a total number of 53 teams over these years. Mamuka is commonly known as “Preben” after his idol Preben Elkjær, a former Danish National Team footballer. Mamuka is a loyal Dana Cupper and ambassador, inviting teams from all around the World when he is on the road. Congratulations Mamuka!

Dana Cup Hjørring - Honor Award 2018


Gaute Meling – Vidar FK – Norway

Jan Gunnar Paulsen was the first leader for Vidar FK at the Dana Cup, he sadly passed away in 2013. After first attending the Dana Cup as a player from 1998 to 2004 – Gaute Meling took over as a leader for the club in 2005 and this year will be his 20th Dana Cup tournament. Vidar is the only club that has attended every single Dana Cup tournament since 1982. Congratulations Gaute!

Leonardo Mascarenhas – MSK/AMAZE SPORTS – Brazil

MSK/Amaze Sports and Paulo Mascarenhas have sent teams to the Dana Cup since the start of the tournament. Based in Sao Paulo, they are close friends of the Dana Cup and have sent many Brazilian teams over the years. Leonardo has taken over the business after his father as the Dana Cup tradition and legacy continues within the family. Congratulations Leonardo!

Patricia Espinosa – Mexico City – Mexico

Armando Espinosa Segovia has sent teams to the Dana Cup since the start of the tournament. Based in Mexico City, close friends of the Dana Cup organization – sending many teams from Mexico and South America. Patricia has taken over the family tradition and continues to send Mexican teams to our tournament, adding a unique flavor to our tournament. Congratulations Patricia!

Dana Cup Hjørring - Honor Award 2017


Ingo Müller - Düren Niederau - Germany

Ingo Müller from Düren Niederau in Germany attends Dana Cup every year with a huge group of young talented players, who always show good performances. It is our impression that Ingo really feels at home at the Dana Cup. In any case, throughout the year he will remember us in Hjørring, as his wrist is covered with pervious tournament bracelets. Ingo is a real Dana Cup ambassador. Thank you and congratulations Ingo!

Inger Mostad - Dues Sportsreiser - Norway 

Inger has worked vigorously and loyally for the Dana Cup from her domicile at Dues Sportsreiser in Grimstad in Norway. She is the reason why our tournament hosts so many Norwegian participants. But Inger’s engagement is not limited to providing service in Norway alone. Every year she accompanies her Norwegian customers – our guests – all the way to Hjørring to make sure they have a fantastic experience. A truly remarkable effort. Congratulations Inger!

José Guimarães Júnioralso - Pequeninos do Jockey - Brazil

José Guimarães Júnioralso known by everyone as ”Jockey”. For more than 30 years Jockey has attended Dana Cup with talented players from his home town, Sao Paulo. Here, he provides them with schooling and also gives them a football education. Every year the “Pequeninos do Jockey”, the boys of Jockey, increase the standard at the Dana Cup. Jockey himself has become a highly appreciated institution. Even though he was honored to carry the Olympic torch on its way through Brazil in 2016 he still participated in the Dana Cup. From the Gothia Cup in Sweden he travelled home, where he did his run with the Olympic Flame and the next day he took a flight to join his boys at the Dana Cup. Thank you for your great effort and for being a unique example to all of us - Congratulations José!  

Sven Erik Jensen - Sport International - Denmark

Sven Erik Jensen has proven to be an important Dana Cup ambassador right from the start, when we wanted to get teams from North America to participate in the tournament. Year after year, Sven Erik has met with American teams – even from more exotic places in the U.S. This has made Dana Cup more colourful. Thank you for your on-going commitment and congratulations with your award Sven Erik.  


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