B16 Finals 2014

26. Jul 2014

 Samba Football Won

 Madla IL (NOR) - Pequeninos do Jockey 0 - 1 (0 - 0)

Finally, samba football won. Pequeninos do Jockey's team in class B16 impressed everybody at Hjørring stadium in Dana Cup's last final. The Brazilians were the most entertaining team of the finals, by far. The young guys from the home country of samba gave a taste of what everybody knows they can do. The spectators were impressed by their very attractive, very technical kind of football.

In the first half the Brazilians did not create that many chances. It was obvious that the young players were very skilled, but it was actually Norwegian stamina, which created the biggest and best chances, however, none of the teams managed to score.

Five minutes after the break things changed as Pequeninos do Jockey headed home a free kick.

Then the young Brazilians really started to impress. They showed off their remarkable football skills and could easily have scored several goals.

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