Infernal - pumped to open

16. Jul 2015

Infernal - pumped to open


The top Danish Musicians Infernal will open the Dana Cup 2015 on Monday the 20th of July at 7.30 pm on the brand new Hjørring Stadium – Bredbånd Nord Arena.

Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann are on a summer tour where they are performing a hard pumping, energenic show and they will pump it up when the Dana Cup participants into the stadium. 

More than 30 cities and stages will be visited by Infernal and the Dana Cup Opening Ceremony is included in their tour.

Infernal have launched their music in 35 countries and the pop duo were Denmark's largest musical export success in 2007.

Infernal have sold 1,1 million units dealed over 900.000 singles and 300.000 albums. The pair can boast for having more than 2 million complications around the World. 

"From Paris to Berlin" was a huge hit in the UK for 7 weeks it was in the top 5 on the British Single Hit List with number 2 being their highest position. 

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