Two Teams Welcomed at Town Hall 2015

20. Jul 2015

 Two Teams Welcomed at Town Hall

 In keeping with tradition the mayor of Hjørring Arne Boelt welcomed two new teams at this year's Dana Cup on Monday. The management of the tournament had selected the two teams and, thus, the players represent all the boys and the girls in the tournament.

This year the honour was given to Richmond Park FC from London. The team, that is new, participates in class B 14. Among the girls the team Future Star FC from Dubai was selected; the players participate in class G 16.

First the two teams were driven in Krumme's small train to the City Stage, where representatives from the teams together with the mayor lit the official flame.

Afterwards, in the town council hall Arne Boelt talked about the town of Hjørring and handed out small presents, while the manager of Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, in addition to the official welcome, used the opportunity to stress that this year's participants can enjoy the brand new facilities in the shape of three new sport halls and a new stadium.

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