Record means Extra Beds

20. Jul 2015

 Record means Extra Beds

 Concurrently with the rise in participants at Dana Cup year after year, the need for extra beds has also grown. With almost 1100 teams, plus managers and coaches; that is almost 20,000 people, the need for beds is huge.

'Luckily, we have a great cooperation with the municipality of Hjørring and with the service centres in the different schools; here we have great support for our needs and wishes,' stresses Bob Andersen, who is new in charge of accommodation during Dana Cup.

'For instance, we have merely in Lundergaard School been given access to an additional 10 rooms,' says Bob Andersen, who also states that Skallerup School has been added as a new place providing overnight accommodation.

In 2014, which was also a record year, 701 teams were accommodated during Dana Cup, while this year there are 778 teams wanting lodging. Moreover, a number of teams arrange accommodation themselves; while up to 100 local teams do not want accommodation.

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