Future Stars From Dubai

21. Jul 2015

 Future Stars From Dubai

 Even though the football club Future Star FC from Dubai is fairly new, both players and coaches are already used to being in an international setting. Actually, the players come from several different countries in Asia and Dana Cup is their second international tournament.

'Last year we participated in a tournament in Beijing in China, and in December I expect us to play in a tournament in Goa in India,' says head coach Russell Rosario, who states that Future Star FC might return to Dana Cup in order to gain more international experience. This year a girls team in class G 16 and two boys teams in class B 16 and B 17 participate.

'Future Star FC is a new club in Dubai. It was founded in 2012 as a football club for boys, but in 2014 we also offered football to girls,' explains Russell Rosario, who leads a delegation of 40 people from the next biggest part of the seven emirates, which make up the state of The United Arab Emirates.

Players and coaches come from many different countries in Asia. The children attend different schools in the Dubai area, and most of the parents work in the service sector, while others run their own businesses. Future Star FC participates in Dana Cup for the first time, but it is not the first time the club takes part in a huge international tournament.

Moreover, managers and players pay for the costs themselves.

'We do have a few sponsors, but we pay for everything ourselves,' Russell Rosario smiles.

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