Great Party as Infernal Opened Dana Cup 2015

22. Jul 2015

 Great Party as Infernal Opened Dana Cup 2015

 More than 25,000 people from 48 nations took part in the opening ceremony, when Dana Cup 2015 was officially opened at Hjørring's new stadium, Bredbånd Nord Arena. The mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt, gave the official opening speech in front of the participants.

Arne Boelt stressed the importance of the new stadium, the new Park Vendia and all the volunteers. Moreover, he also noticed that everything had happened very quickly.

'This stadium is so new that the paint hasn't even dried yet,' Arne Boelt said.

After the speech the Danish pop group, Infernal, gave a concert. The international audience really liked Lina Rafn, who is known from the Danish TV program X Factor, and her partner Paw Lagermann. Many danced to the music. For instance, Infernal played the song 'From Paris to Berlin', which was huge in Finland, Great Britain, France and Italy.

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