First Appearance of Premier League Referee

22. Jul 2015

 First Appearance of Premier League Referee

 Even though he has refereed in the best league for seven years, he also attends Dana Cup. Actually, it is the first time 36-year-old Charles Oden Mbaga from the Republic of Tanzania is in Europe. He has visited most countries in Africa, but never a country outside the huge continent.

'Football is huge in Tanzania, not as huge as in Europe though, but the Premier League is the highest level in the country,' smiles Charles Oden Mbaga, who is a laboratory technician and lives together with his family in Dar e-Salaam.

Even though the Danish summer is much colder than in his home country, he likes being at Dana Cup.

'It has been a great experience so far. Everything works. The organisation is in place and if I can I would like to return. But, not least, in the summer flights are rather expensive, about $2,000, so it is also a question of finance,' he underlines.

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