Soon the First Teams Leave

23. Jul 2015

 Soon the First Teams Leave

 While most people probably think that Dana Cup has just started, the first teams already leave on Friday. In total, the department of transportation has to arrange the trips home for 7.000 people; however, on Saturday most people will leave.

'On Saturday, we have arranged the trips home for 4.900 players and managers, and that is the biggest number ever,' tells Jørgen Nielsen, who is responsible for transport at Dana Cup.

'At one point Saturday morning 40 busses will be helping people to get home, plus again Saturday night. On Sunday 2.000 participants will go home. A few teams leave on Monday, while the last teams leave Tuesday morning,' says Jørgen Nielsen, who asks everybody to be patient.

'Due to the large number of participants this year, the roads are very busy. It means that the busses might be delayed, but do not worry. Everybody will get to the ferries on time,' Jørgen Nielsen states.

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