Just one Belgium Club at Dana Cup

23. Jul 2015

 Just one Belgium Club at Dana Cup

 While Belgian football is very successful theses years and young talents dominate International football, Olve SC from Antwerpen Edegem is the only club representing Belgium at Dana Cup.

'We have participated several times in Dana Cup, but have also been to both Norway Cup and Gothia Cup,' the president of the club Raf Embrechts explains.

Olve SC is a typical amateur club, which was founded in 1969. The club has around 450 members and the trip to Dana Cup is mainly used to team-build and create respect between the two teams in classes B 19 and B 17.

'We come to Dana Cup because we think that it is a fantastic tournament. The fields are brilliant, the opponents are good and the organisation is perfect. Moreover, we like the many beaches close by,' Raf Embrechts smiles.

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