B11 Finals 2015

24. Jul 2015

 Düren-Niederau FC (GER) - Buchholzer FC (GER) 4 - 2 (2 - 1)

 Even though two German teams were in the B 11 final, it was never a walk in the park. In a fast and beautiful final with a lot of close action, Düren-Niederau was the better team winning 4-2.

They had only played two minutes when Düren-Niederau went ahead 1-0. The team seemed to be in control, but Buchholzer FC fought back equalising just five minutes later. In stoppage time in the first half Düren-Niederau went ahead again. Thus, when Düren-Niederau scored another two goals in 10 minutes, it looked as if the game was over. However, once again Buchholzer FC managed to score with just five minutes left.

Still, Buchholzer FC lost 4-2

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