Very Effective Training

24. Jul 2015

 Very Effective Training

 With a soccer ball machine, Fortuna Hjørring's head coach, Brian Sørensen, has created a unique environment in which players can touch the ball more often in a shorter time. Consequently, the soccer ball machine, which is called Goal Station, is a very effective training partner.

'For some time I have analysed our training and was able to figure out that we touched the ball 153 times pr. training on average. In connection with my Danish P-coach license I have developed a flexible system, which can be used by players, no matter where they play on the pitch. The players can use the active boards to practice passes, while the soccer ball machine can shoot balls in certain intervals, plus with a particular speed and height. If the players do not hit the goal, a net behind it will send the balls back onto the pitch. As a consequence, we do not have to spend time collecting the balls,' underlines Brian Sørensen, who has visit Turkish Fenerbahçe S.C. because they are interested in the machine.

'I believe that the Goal Station will be a great investment for football academies around the world since they try to developed their youth talents,' Brian Sørensen says.

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