B12 Finals 2015

24. Jul 2015

 Cesar Vallejo (PER) - HB (FRO) 4 - 1 (2 - 1)

 Cool North Atlantic physique vs. hot South American skills. However, none of the teams lived up to the description because the players were actually just as strong and skilled.

The match was very even and well played. Cesar Vallejo went ahead 1-0 after one minute of play, but HB equalised two minutes later. When they had played six minutes, the score was 2-1 as Cesar Vallejo scored on penalty.

As the Peruvian players scored again, everybody thought that the game was over. They were right, as Cesar Vallejo scored again three minutes later.

Cesar Vallejo used all their chances in a great final.

It is only the second time a team from the Faeroe Islands is in the finals at Dana Cup. In 2008 NSÍ Runavík F.C. beat FC 1908 Düren-Niederau e.V. 7-3 in class B 11.

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