G17 Finals 2015

24. Jul 2015

 Viking FK (NOR) - Arna-Bjørnar IL (NOR) 0 - 2 (0 - 1)

 In a breathless Norwegian final Arna-Bjørnar beat Viking FK; however, Viking FK fought bravely.

It takes two teams to have a great game and from the very beginning both teams fought hard all over the pitch. The game was fierce and the many spectators could enjoy a very well played game; nevertheless, the teams did not create that many chances.

Two minutes before half time, Arna-Bjørnar deservedly went ahead 1-0. As the team increased the lead after 12-minutes of play in the second half, things started to look really difficult for Viking, who nevertheless never stopped believing in final victory.

Thus, Viking almost managed to score when they hit the crossbar, but they never succeeded in scoring.

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