B17 Finals 2015

24. Jul 2015

 Djerv 1919 SK (NOR) - Brønnøysund IL (NOR) 0 - 1 (0 - 0)

 Brønnøysund dominated the game from the very first whistle. Djerv's great defence was put under a lot of pressure and up front the players in yellow found it hard to organise the attack. Djerv were only dangerous sometimes. They were too busy defending.

After seven minutes Brønnøysund could have scored, if Djerv's keeper had not played well. However, the nice shot on goal was just the beginning because minutes later Brønnøysund's captain scored.

Even though Djerv continued to fight, they rarely succeeded in creating any dangerous chances. Finally, Brønnøysund went ahead 2-0 as Djerv gambled everything in order to win the game.

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