Hunting Answers

24. Jul 2015

 Hunting Answers

 While the players hunt the victory in the finals, three pairs of interviewers are busy hunting opinions and information among the spectators, players and coaches. It is the marked research company Epinion, which is doing a thorough inquiry among the participants at Dana Cup trying to obtain precise numbers concerning, for instance, how and where they spend their time and money while visiting Dana Cup and Hjørring.

Even though the analysis has just started, Dana Cup is without a doubt a unique event.

'I have spoken to our interviewers today, and nobody has really said no to be interviewed. Normally, when doing these kinds of things, many people do not want to participate. Here this is not the case. They have only said no thanks when the players were about to prepare for an important match. This clearly indicates that the participants are very interested in the tournament, plus the very special atmosphere at Dana Cup,' says Mikkel Kabel from Epinion, who admitted that the size of the tournament surprised him.

With the help of the results of the inquiry, Dana Cup aims to fulfil the needs of the participants and continue to develop an ever better tournament in the future.

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