Young English Referee at Dana Cup

24. Jul 2015

 Young English Referee at Dana Cup

 23-year-old referee Chris Williams is at Dana Cup as part of a group of referees from the county of Surrey in Southern England. With five years of experience as a referee, he has come along to Dana Cup to gain practice at an international level.

'We're a group of 15-20 referees that the county think have potential to go far,' referee Chris Williams states, who has also been to Florida to gain experience. Moreover, Chris Williams has noticed that communication is a bit different when doing international matches.

'You have to think about what you say. Moreover, you go a lot by signals, by using your eyes, pointing at your watch. Basically, you use more body language than what you do in England,' underlines the English referee, who reflects that it has been a nice experience and that it has been an excellent tournament.

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