A Unique Norwegian Team

25. Jul 2015

 A Unique Norwegian Team

 This year the Norwegian club Freidig SPK has sent 8 teams to Dana Cup. However, one of the teams stands out. It is the girls' team in class G 13. The club has chosen to put together a mixed team including younger siblings from some of the other Freidig teams, plus friends and a few players from the neighbouring club Trondheim.

'The last three players arrived in Lønstrup the day before the first match and, even though, they lost all three games, the girls were still in a good mood. The purpose of the mixed team is to have fun and team build,' coach Peter Ibsen explains.

'Additionally, the girls have been told to have fun and eat a lot of candy before the next game,' the coach smiles.

'Actually, the girls play 11-a-side for the very first time. Some have not even played football before the tournament, but now they want to. Moreover, it is a nice way to activate the youngest,' he adds.

This is definitely not the last time Freidig SPK will put together a mixed team. In pervious years they have had other mixed teams at Dana Cup, Norway Cup and Gothia Cup.

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