Dana Cup is feeling

14. Dec 2015
bikram india

Photo: Amma FC from India

Dana Cup is feeling an increased interest from girls 


The first goal in the FIFA Women's World Cup was scored by China PR's Ma Li in the 22nd minute of the tournament's opening match between the hosts and Norway on 16 November 1991. The number of participating teams at the FIFA Women's World Cup increased from 12 to 16 teams for the third edition of the competition at USA 1999. Sixteen teams have participated at USA 1999, USA 2003, China PR 2007 and Germany 2011. In Canada 2015, 24 teams participated, with eight teams making their debut at their first-ever Women's World Cup.

FIFA's - Live Your Goals campaign targets and inspires women and girls to play football and stay in the game. The campaign was launched at the FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011 and has evolved into one of FIFA's most recognized women's football initiatives. The first, and most important, objective of Live Your Goals is to encourage women and girls to participate in football. Today, there are 30 million women and girls participating in football worldwide. FIFA would like to see this number grow even more in the years to come.

This general increase of girls and women footballers can also be felt at the Dana Cup.

Throughout the Dana Cup's 34 year history, there has participated 6.002 teams and it looks like the Dana Cup 2016 will be an even bigger year for girls.  

The teams are coming from all around the World. Exciting nations like: Bangladesh, Poland, Peru, Kosovo, India, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Australia and the United Arab Emirates have come to Hjørring to play football and experience the Dana Cup and there are coming more in 2016!

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