Dana Cup on the way to a new record

28. Jan 2016

Photo: Boys from the Philippines

Dana Cup on the way to a new record


Never before has there been such a huge interest to participate in the Dana Cup as there is this year.

Over the last two years, the Dana Cup has set participant records with 1.011 teams in 2014 and 1.087 teams in 2015.

Registrations at this time are 40% higher compared to 2015.

Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen has just returned home from a huge football convention in Baltimore. This is a meeting place for thousands of coaches and leaders from all around USA and the Dana Cup stand received quiet a lot of attention. 

- Dana Cup is also experiencing an even greater interest from Eastern Europe, new clubs and new nations who wish to experience the tournament for the first time, says Jette Andersen.

- We have great expectations for this years tournament.

It will be a tournament where each and every participant will have the opportunity to meet loads of new friends, experience some fantastic football games and simply enjoy each others company in general. With so many participants as it seems now, we can live up to one of our tournaments major goals, which is to unite young footballers from all around the World in a peaceful environment and to enjoy some wonderful experiences. 

- I am fully aware of the challenges we are facing, when we have to accommodate so many young people and we also need to coordinate with our tournament organizer, dining, transport etc. But I am 100% certain that our organization, which has 35 years of experience, will face these challenges and continue to supply experiences filled with quality for all participants and also for the city of Hjørring, that will definately be a buzz in July. 

- It will be the 35th Dana Cup tournament this year and we have welcomed more than 100 different nations. In 2015 we welcomed teams from 45 nations and up until now we have 33 nations registered and we will increase this number so our international characteristics are preserved. 

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