Saint Croix to the Dana Cup

05. Feb 2016

Saint Croix on the way to the Dana Cup


Dana Cup will at least have one new nation at this years tournament in July. It is the former Danish Colony Saint Croix that is on the way.

Young players between the ages of 14 to 16 will participate. In the US territory state, which is registeret with FIFA as a FIFA association, they are also working with a B19 team and the interest is so big that there could also be another team of 12 to 13 year olds.  

Dana Cup has just returned from a visit to Saint Croix, where they were warmly welcomed with anticipation.  

- There is no doubt that they will try their absolute best to get as many players as possible to the Dana Cup this year and their wishes are to make it a yearly tradition. We have established a cooperation based on friendship and for the love of the game of football and the possibilities that arise from contact, says Dana Cup's Director - Jette Andersen.

In Saint Croix the Dana Cup were guests at clubs, organizations and the islands university.

- They are all ready to travel to Hjørring and there awaits more than just the Dana Cup. The team of players who are 14 and 16 years old wish to stay in Denmark for an extra week and that is only natural after such a long trip, says Jette Andersen.

- We are working together with Hirtshals BK to help give the West Indies children and extra experience. They will be accommodated privately "homestay" and play some extra training games. 

The cooperation will also continue in the future. In 2017, Saint Croix will celebrate that it is 100 years since the Danish West Indies were sold to USA. They are inviting teams from Hjørring and Hirtshals to Saint Croix.

- It is not that cheap to travel such a long way but we mutually agree that we have started a fantastic cooperation that will develop positively in the years to come - Jette Andersen.


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