Featured Team Interview 23

18. Feb 2016
NU Estland

Photo: Nõmme United-Mart Poom FC

Nõmme United-Mart Poom FC from Estonia - B15


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

Our club (FC Nõmme United) was founded in 2001. In 2010 former Estonian National Team goalkeeper Mart Poom finished his career in England and came back to Estonia. He took over a club and it named it Nõmme United-Mart Poom FC. By the way-Nõmme is a small and green part of our capital Tallinn. An adult team was founded even earlier-in 1998. At the moment they play in the second division (placed 4th from the top). I took over the age group (born 2001) in 2012. At that moment they started to play 8 v 8. The last two seasons we are already playing 11 v 11 and for example in 2015 we finished second in Estonia (after FC Flora who participated at your tournament last year in B14).

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

For me as a coach it will be my 4th time participating at your Dana Cup. The first and second time was in (1995 and 1996) I was in Hjørring as a FC Flora coach. Third time was in 2012 with my 1997 born FC Nõmme United team. From that third time I got memories for the rest of my life, cause we were able to win the tournament in B15 age group. 2012 was the only time a team from our club participated.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2016?

Of course our goal and an expectation (two in one) is to qualify to "A" play-off and to get as maximum number of games as possible. At the same time I am pretty sure that my players will enjoy the atmosphere of such a great tournament as yours. Hopefully they will find new friends too. 

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Nõmme United-Mart Poom FC, Erki Kesküla - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2016.

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