Dana Cup delivers sufficient funds to Hjørring

17. Mar 2016

Photo: Economist Martin Fonnesbech-Sandberg analysed Epinion's survey figures in which Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen is very happy for. 

Dana Cup delivers sufficient funds to Hjørring


Dana Cup is the largest Danish sporting event and the majority of the money comes from abroad.

So it is confirmed the truth about Dana Cup's economic importance for the local community. Epinion, together with VisitDenmark did a survey at the Dana Cup 2015 and it shows that the huge youth football tournament brings in 179 million in tourist revenues with 174 million or 97% coming from abroad.

In 2015 there were 29.000 Dana Cup tourists in the Hjørring area. It looks like there will be more tourists in 2016.

With this huge turnover the Dana Cup is Denmark's largest sporting event in front of other events like: The Men's European Handball Championships, The European Championships for show jumping and dressage, Giro d'Italia, Made in Denmark Golf Tournament, World Cup in Badminton and The European Swimming Championships. 

- We have many to thank for the success of our tournament over the years. We have 40 cooperating clubs who we must thank for their enormous efforts in helping make everything happen and I am extremely grateful for their positive feedback and also from the thousands who participate in the Dana Cup, says Director Jette Andersen.

The survey that was coordinated and analysed by VisitDenmarks analyst Martin Fonnesbech-Sandberg, shows us that the huge turnover around the Dana Cup provides 207 jobs a year in Hjørring, contributing to a gross value (BNP) of 100 million kroner locally and in total 101 million kroner internationally. 

There is also delivered 64 million in taxes in Hjørring, with 11 million being municipal income taxes. 


Photo: The graph showing tourism revenues from sporting events over the last few years, Dana Cup is on top.  

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