Jockey will carry the Olympic torch

31. May 2016

Photo: Jockey - José Guimarães Junior – always receives a warm welcome at the Dana Cup. Here, number 2 from the left next to Dana Cup's Director, Jette Andersen and on the right, Alison Leigh Forman are looking forward to his visit from Brazil this summer. There will be excitment when Jockey arrives after his task with the Olympic torch is over. 

Jockey will carry the Olympic torch


A special guest at the Dana Cup "Jockey" José Guimarães Junior has received a very special honor in his hometown Sao Paulo in Brazil. On the 24th of July, Jockey will carry the Olympic torch on it's way to the opening stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

260 persons from Sao Paulo have been choosen for this very special honor. 

Guimarães comments:

- This honor is dedicated to everyone who has worked together with me and my project and especially for the children who have live with me." 

At the Dana Cup we worried at one stage, Jockey would not make it to Hjørring because of this task in Brazil but from Sao Paulo they are telling us that José Guimarães Junior will be back at the Dana Cup with his boys from Clube Pequeninos do Jockey.

At home in Brazil, Jockey runs his club with players from some of the poorest sections of the city. His work is a major social and sporting effort within the city. He has participated at the Dana Cup over 27 years and travelled with some fantastic players who have grown up to be superstars. For example Ze Roberto in 1987 and Julio Baptisda in 1993 have played on the fields in Hjørring.

Rio 2016

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