Training camp and games

14. Jun 2016
dsc kunst

Photo: Artificial or grass fields

Training camp and games before or after the Dana Cup 2016


Would you like to come to the Dana Cup a little earlier or depart a little later - you can stay at the Dana Cup Town, which is situated just 500 meters from the Dana Cup SportsCenters fantastic facilities in the middle of the Dana Cup center. 

There are hundreds of families holding their holidays in Hjørring and the surrounding areas prior to the start of the tournament and some of them are looking for training games in these days. Use our "Training Game Forum" on our Facebook page to note your wishes for a training game. Everyone who is looking for a game posts in the forum. You make your agreement with a team at no extra cost and all of our playing fields can be used to play your game on, you just take the first one that is free. 

The Dana Cup Town offers cabins for 2, 4 and 6 persons. 6 clusters of 10 cabins each with their own shared toilet and shower block. The cabins have a little terrace with table and chairs. Cabins for 2 persons have one room with a bunk bed and cabins for 4 or 6 persons have two rooms with bunk beds. The cabins for 6 persons have 2 mattresses in the loft. We can offer meals at the Dana Cup SportsCenter. Prices start from DKK 275 per person per night with full pension.

Take contact if you would like to receive an offer for a little training camp before the Dana Cup at the Dana Cup Town –

dsc hallen

Photo: FiberHallen

dsc goal

Photo: Goal Station

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