Changes in tournament schedule

23. Jul 2016
08.10.2013 Invitation

Changes in the tournament schedule


Now the final changes have been made in the tournament schedule, so remember to check your schedule online one more time before Tuesday the 26th of July before your first game.


All teams must check in at the Dana Cup "Check-in", in the HALLEN Park Vendia Thomas Morildsvej 11, 9800 Hjørring.

Just one leader or coach is needed at the check-in, not the team. 

MISS THE LINE UP – All teams arriving on Sunday, should check in on Sunday!

If a team has not checked in, in the HALLEN Park Vendia by Monday, they cannot participate in the tournament.

CHECK-IN is open:

Sunday the 24th of July - 10.00 – 22.00

Monday the 25th of July - 08.00 – until all teams are checked in.

24 hour telephone + 45 9891 1300

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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