Can this year be the biggest?

04. Jun 2013
Biggest ever

Can this year be the biggest Dana Cup ever?


Dana Cup 2013 looks like it will be a huge tournament, if not the biggest ever.

With just a few days before our registration deadline we have already passed the number of teams that took part in our largest tournament to date. In 2007 there were 852 teams on the list. Now we have 864 on the participating list. From experience though, we know that some teams will have to pull out at the last minute but there will also come many entries up to the deadline.

- Last year we had 832 teams on the list and it looks like we will have more this year. But we are always a little skeptical until we have everything in place says Dana Cup daily leader, Jette Andersen.

- I believe that we will have a fantastic tournament this summer and not just because we have many teams on the way but because they are coming from 53 different nations.

We appreciate the number of nations as we are proud to say we are the most international youth soccer tournament in the World.

Jette Andersen and her team are now eagerly awaiting the final days of registration.

We are aware that a very big tournament is just around the corner and this places a great demand on our organization and helpers around the Dana Cup.

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