886 Matches Today

26. Jul 2016
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 886 Matches Today

 When the referees blow the whistle for the last time today, 886 matches will have been played on the first day of this year's Dana Cup.

'Tomorrow, 887 matches will be played and the same on Thursday. However, already on Friday the number of games will drop to 217 while Saturday ends with 19 finals,' explained Ole Vang Bruun, who is in charge of the planning of the tournament.

'With so many teams we do not accept delays. We only have a few spare fields, so if matches are delayed and, thus, move the entire playing program, we will generally not accept them,' stressed Ole Vang Bruun, who also drew attention to the Fair Play competition, which for several years has been part of Dana Cup.

Here, referees and school staff can make note of teams who have made themselves noticed in either a negative or positive manner, both on and off the pitch. At the finals on Saturday the club that has made the most positive impression is handed the Fair Play trophy.

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