Focus on Security

26. Jul 2016

 Focus on Security

 With 1,153 teams of which 826 are accommodated in schools in many parts of the municipality, it has never been more important to focus on security. And at the school meeting on Tuesday, Jan Mørch, who is in charge of safety and security at Hjørring municipality, highly praised the school leaders.

'This year we use 44 schools, sports halls and other places of accommodation and it is clear that security has moved up on the list of issues that are to be taken care of, so we've never been so ready for the tournament before,' Jan Mørch stressed.

'Previously, perhaps breakfast and burgers were higher on the list, but we can see that security now has first priority and, naturally, we are very pleased. Smoke alarms and information boards with instructions relating to fire are all there.

'Nevertheless, now we need to focus even more. One thing is making sure that everything is ready before the tournament. Another thing is now that the players have arrived with their sleeping bags, quilts and sport bags. Now they mess about in the classrooms. Both they and the staff at the schools get tired, and you might unknowingly loose focus, so it's important to stay focused,' Jan Mørch pointed out.

'Moreover, it is a good idea to tell managers and players that e-cigarettes can easily set off a smoke detector. If that happens and the fire department discovers a false alarm, we'll send a 5,510 DKK bill. Most likely, the club, which is responsible for the school, will have to pay that bill. Additionally, a stray ball might also set off the smoke alarm.

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