Do not Compromise on Quality

27. Jul 2016

 Do not Compromise on Quality

 Since 2011 the number of participants at Dana Cup has grown by 51 per cent. Even though, some years ago people said that the tournament could not get any bigger, every year one has been able to find additional football fields and accommodation for more and more participants.

'Personally, I believe that we can organise a Dana Cup with up to 1,200 teams, but for me it is not important that we grow each year. I find it more important that we continue to offer all players, managers and families the high quality that Dana Cup is known for and which ensures that clubs return year after year,' director of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, says.

'Dana Cup is a Hjørring event; the town of Hjørring and Hjørring municipality and we must never become so big that we cannot be in Hjørring municipality. One of our qualities is that we offer free transport, meals in modern facilities and a very well organized tournament where we try to accommodate the wishes of the clubs. These are qualities which mean that up to 75 per cent of our participating clubs keep returning and, therefore, we never compromise on quality,' stresses Jette Andersen, who does not hesitate to point to the employees as one of the event's strongest assets.

'We experience great support among the more than 1,000 volunteers who help out time and time again by working many hours during the tournament. It is partly our own players in Fortuna Hjørring and it is partly members of a number of different clubs that earn some money by using volunteers in this week. For many clubs it is actually a fair sum of money contributing to the running of the clubs.'

'However, I find it important that Dana Cup is not too big because the unity among the volunteers must continue to grow and be strengthened. Many of those who help are people we do not know. Many do not even have anything to do with football. They turn up because it has become a tradition and because it has become a lifestyle to help out during Dana Cup.

'And, naturally, it is also vital that we continue to have a close cooperation with Hjørring municipality. We experience a fantastic support from the entire organisation and not least from mayor Arne Boelt, who gladly helps out,' Jette Andersen underlines.

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