The Spirit of Iceland

27. Jul 2016

 The Spirit of Iceland

 Since the good result of the Icelandic national team at the UEFA European Championship 2016 the spirit of Iceland has become recognized worldwide. One can find this fighting spirit among the players of the Icelandic G14-Team of Grótta FC from the capital Reykjavik. Yesterday, they drew 1-1 in their first match against Norwegian Skedsmo FK.

'It was a good game with high tempo,' a satisfied coach Bojana Besic said. However, both coaches Bojana Besic and Pétur Rögnvaldsson stressed that the Iceland players first have to get used to the warm weather in Denmark because it is cooler in Iceland.

'This year we are participating with two teams in G13 and G14', coach Bojana Besic explained. They have been to Dana Cup three times and, actually, before they came to Hjørring in 2014 for the first time, they asked around in Iceland about the tournament. Teams from Iceland typically go to Gothia Cup, Vildbjerg Cup or Dana Cup.

'When we started looking for a tournament we asked people, who have been here. People recommended the tournament and they said that the organisation was very good with the buses and the accommodation, and so we decided to take a chance. And when we came here in 2014 it was very great; the organisation and every thing,' added coach Bojana Besic, who really like this year's pitches.

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