B12 Finals 2016

29. Jul 2016

 All Stars Mexico (MEX) – Düren-Niederau FC (GER) 3-0 (1-0)

 Justice does not exist in football. Nevertheless, Düren-Niederau FC from Germany probably think that the team deserved better than loosing 3-0 to All Stars Mexico in the final of B12.

From the very first whistle the Germans put tremendous pressure on the Mexicans, who seemed totally surprised. However, All Stars gradually fought back and deservedly went ahead 1-0 after five minutes of play. Düren-Niederau FC got back in the game and had three great attempts towards the end of the first half, including a nice bicycle kick which the Mexican goalkeeper saved miraculously.

Nine minutes into the second half All Stars Mexico scored again therewith securing the victory in a game that could just as well have tipped over to the Germans' advantage. One of the differences was efficiency in front of goal, which was for instance emphasised by the nice free kick late in the second half.

High praise also to Düren-Niederau FC. It takes two teams to create a good match.

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