B15 Finals 2016

30. Jul 2016

 Hjørring IF (DEN) – A/O Heeslingen JFV (GER) 0-1 (0-1)

 When A/O Heeslingen JFV from Germany went ahead 1-0 22 minutes into the first half, it seemed as if they were quite satisfied. At least, they were happy defending in the second half and, even though, the local boys from Hjørring IF kept attacking they could not split a solid German defence.

Heeslingen, on the other hand, make use of quick turnovers without ever becoming dangerous.

At the same time, Hjørring failed to convert possession of the ball into goal chances with a few exceptions when the players in white played well on the right flank.

Especially, towards the end of the game Hjørring IF had two-three great chances to force the game into stoppage time and Hjørring's hard-working striker will probably be terribly annoyed at missing a huge chance he got when the German goalkeeper got his fingertips to the ball, pushing it onto the crossbar. The striker only had to kick the rebound into the empty net, but he kicked the ball over the crossbar.

And then Saturday's first gold medals went to A/O Heeslingen JFV.

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