Dana Cup Menu is ready

26. Jun 2017

Dana Cup Menu is ready


Healthy food for strong players is excatly what is needed when you must perform in the games at the Dana Cup Hjørring 2017. There are many games throughout the week, so you need all the "energy" you can get. Your calorie consumption is huge, so you need a lot of healthy food during the week. 

The Dana Cup receives fresh deliveries of food several times a day and the menu has been made in collaboration with dietians from the Hjørring Hospital to cover the young players needs for calories and vitamins. We know that individual needs are different and therefore it is possible to be served several times at the one dining!

Dana Cup menu 2017 can be seen here (NOTE - In 2017 there is no pork on the menu!)

Our A-band which includes meals (3 meals per day) can be used from Monday (dinner) to Saturday (lunch).

At the same link above, you can read more about our dining halls, dining times, extra meals and special meals for players, trainers or leaders who have allergies! 


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