100 trophies out in the World

11. Jun 2013

100 trophies out in the World


When the last final is played at the Dana Cup 2013 on Saturday the 27th of July we will have presented no less than 100 huge shinny trophies to the winners, second and third placed teams. The trophies are accepted with enormous enthusiasm, happiness and the trophies really get around. 

For the Dana Cup winners it is a huge experience to get up on the stage at the Hjørring Stadium and be presented with a trophy. Filled with joy they raise the huge trophies over their heads, kissing the side and erupting with wild cheers.

The countdown has started as we await the scenes of pleasure. The final preparations are taking place all around the World as the 50 participating nations get ready to start their journey to Hjørring. The 20,000 young soccer players come from every corner of the World and from early morning on the 23rd of July the hunt is on to get one of the trophies. 

It is an experience to receive a trophy at the Hjørring Stadium and for many it is just as big an experience to return home to a warm welcoming committee. On our Facebook page we have found a video from Ecuador showing a team called Filanbanco who received a huge welcome home in 1987.

You can watch the video here and just maybe you will have the same experience when you return home with your team mates after participating in the Dana Cup 2013.

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