Boys and Girls Specially Selected

24. Jul 2017
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Boys and Girls Specially Selected


A team of boys from Argentina and a team of girls from England had been specially selected, when they arrived at the town hall in Hjørring’s cosy train. The boys from Tucuman participate in class B12, while the girls from Liverpool FC take part in class G16.

’Welcome to Dana Cup 2017. You have all been specially selected. Tucuman as the representative for all the boys, who take part in this year’s Dana Cup. Liverpool FC as the representative for all the girls,’ the manager of the Dana Cup, Jette Andersen, stressed in her speech in the town council hall.

‘By lighting the flame at the City stage, you have officially opened Dana Cup 2017. We hope that we have a fantastic football tournament again this year and, hopefully, we will have no rain,’ said Jette Andersen, who also hoped to see both Tucuman and Liverpool FC in the finals at Bredbånd Nord Arena on Friday and Saturday.


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