Minsk FC - Belarus

27. Nov 2017

Tell us your story - Minsk FC - Belarus - G13 and G12

Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?
Is it your first time at the Dana Cup, if not how many times has your club participated before?
What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2018?

FC Minsk girls from Belarus are the winners of Dana Cup 2017 in the youngest category of G12. This year unknown team from the heart of Western Europe made a fantastic journey with 1900km length by the bus and have won all their games at the tournament. At the starting game of the group stage they have made an astonishing result with 25 goals in the net of the opponent. Now it’s time to find out, who are they?
The coach of the team Andrei Makhnach telling the story: "FC Minsk is the biggest football school in the country. Among 1000 boys, about 250 girls learn football here. I am a coach of the girls 2005-2006 year born. Our history started from the 15th of September 2014. It was the first time when I gather 8-9 years old girls at the football training. All this time I have been chosen the best talented girls in the city and learn them to play football with passion, to understand the game in all its paints. Now we are the winners of all local tournaments at any level. Dana Cup 2017 for us was like a big exam. We have passed it perfectly; girls have shown really high level of play. Our team was happy to be not only the part but the winners of such an incredible sport event like Dana Cup. In 2018 we are going to bring here in Hjorring two high level teams who will try to show the best football skills in G12 and G13 categories.
We invite everybody to subscribe to our YouTube channel here and follow all the news from our everyday life. I am absolutely sure that in future at least one or two girls from our squad can sparkle in the sky of world women's football. Dana Cup has gave us the chance to believe in our strengths. It’s atmosphere is the best that we have ever seen and we want to return here again and again."
Here is a funny video from our Dana Cup adventure this year, see here


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