Thanks Flemming

25. Jun 2018
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Thanks Flemming

Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring have lost one of its highly recognized and well respected employees. 

Coach - Flemming Nielsen passed away on Saturday the 23rd of June - 63 years of age.  

After a fantastic international playing career, Flemming decided to became a coach and that is what lead him to Fortuna Hjørring.

Flemming came to Hjørring in 2007 after many years within men's football, he was ready to try women's football. It ended up being a successful move.  

After just 6 months work in Fortuna, the club started to see and feel Flemmings efforts. First he lead the women to be Cup Champions and then he set course after the Danish Championship, the clubs 6th Championship. 

He brought it home in 2009 and his coaching strengths also ensured a second Danish Championship in 2010.

In 2011 he became the clubs U18 DM coach and talent manager.  

Apart from doing his coaching job in the utmost professional manner, Flemming Nielsen also became a true club member - as they say in Fortuna - he had a "Green Fortuna Heart". 

Flemming's experience from his professional football career in Germany also became a bonus for the club and the Dana Cup Hjørring. He joined the Dana Cup team and some of his tasks were to promote the Dana Cup and bring German teams to the tournament in Hjørring. 

For many visiting guests, it was always a smiling reunion with the earlier German League player from Fortuna Køln when they came to Hjørring. Flemming also understood how to use his extreme football knowledge and experience when organizing training camps at the Dana Cup SportsCenter.

He was a true club member when he made himself available for the Dana Cup Hjørring. Among other things, it was Flemming's voice that supplemented the live-streaming from the final games and opening ceremony at the Dana Cup.

Before Flemming Nielsen came to Fortuna, he was a Danish National Team player in the 1970's and 1980's.

He was a former defensive player for OKS, Odense Boldklub, Fortuna Köln, South China FC in Hong Kong, AaB and Aalborg Freja.

He was also, among other things a coach for B1909 and FC Nordjylland and assistant coach and sports manager at Viborg FF.

And he coached at Nordjyllands Sports College.

In Fortuna and Dana Cup, Flemming Nielsen will be remembered with the greatest respect and gratitude. 

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