The ‘Liverpool Way’ at Dana Cup

25. Jul 2018

The ‘Liverpool Way’ at Dana Cup

For the last two days one has been able to see training sessions by Liverpool FC (LFC) international academy coaches. The International Academy’s programmes are spread across 15 different countries with many thousands of kids being involved in them on a yearly basis, teaching them the ‘The Liverpool Way’.

We were lucky enough to be able to talk to the coaches and ask them some insightful questions on the reason they are here? When asked this question the head of the international academies and soccer schools at LFC, Dan White, responded saying ‘This is the second year that we have delivered this activity at the Dana Cup. Firstly, we are here on behalf of our partners New Balance who also sponsor this tournament. Secondly, we aim to add something extra to this event so a select group of players can take part in sessions where we give them an insight in to how we coach our players at LFC’.

Dan continued and stated that himself and the other coaches involved had been ‘really impressed with the event and also the players we have been working with. This is a great opportunity for us as coaches and something we hope to do again in the future’. LFC run a series of short courses in Scandinavia, they can be viewed at

When asked if they were looking for any future Liverpool players at the event Dan responded with ‘no, that’s not the objective. We are here to provide a Liverpool FC coaching experience for the players who take part. Over two days we will deliver a series of coaching sessions to the teams who are participating in this fantastic tournament’.


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