Having Fun Everywhere They Go!

27. Jul 2018

Having Fun Everywhere They Go!

Richmond Park FC was formed in 2014 with one boys' team but then grew the following summer to include three girls' teams. Currently the club has nine teams, drawing players from the Richmond Park area in South West London.

The chairman, James Tavendale, smiled when asked what the club’s aim was for the competition this year and said ‘First and foremost to enjoy the company of the football family here at Dana Cup! We try to make friends wherever we go and every year at Dana Cup one of the greatest pleasures is meeting people again that we’ve met at previous tournaments’. He went on to say ‘Sporting-wise our goal is always to be playing on Friday but as long as everyone is enjoying their experience that’s the most important thing’.

In addition, when talking about the tournament itself he said that the ’weather is Amazing! We love Dana Cup and love posting pictures on our Instagram ‘@richmondparkfc’.

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