B12 Final 2018

27. Jul 2018

La Academia FC (GUA) – Frederikssund FB (DEN) 7-1 (4-0)

Strength and size were not enough for the Danish players from Frederikssund FB to beat La Academia in the B12 final. The South Americans were excellent dribblers and, not least, strong in front of goal. So, when they stole the ball from the well-playing Danes, they quickly counterattacked.

In just five minutes the South American’s number 11 scored three goals and, when he put the ball past the Danish goalkeeper seven minutes later, all the spectators knew who were going to lift the trophy while listening to the song ’We Are The Champions’ by Queens.
Frederikssund deserved to score a goal after eight minutes of play in the second half, but they could not change the final outcome of the game.

The dangerous striker scored six of La Academia’s seven goals and, consequently, he was voted man of the match.

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