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03. Jan 2019
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We are going to #DanaCup2019


For 10 years, New York City's Gotham Girls FC has empowered girls with social and technical soccer skills that grow with them from their formative years through adolescence and beyond. Gotham Girls FC has customized programs that provide the highest quality training for Recreational, Developmental, and Travel-level players. Gotham Girls FC has an experienced, enthusiastic and professionally licensed coaching staff dedicated to inspire confidence, team building, and sportsmanship.

Director of the Developmental Program, Coach Jose Goicochea, reaches into his South American background when he adopts the word "formativo" as the description of our Program. Formativo translates loosely between “training” and “education.” The distinction about the term ‘formative’ versus the more prevalently used terms “development” is that development implies that there is an inherent potential and trainers build up on that. “Formativo” implies that any child can be shaped with the right support on technical, emotional, mental and physical aspect to enjoy the game and that “just let them play soccer” is just that. No one can teach ‘passion’ or ‘heart’, but when a player is taught how to acquire skill and proficiency, the game is fun. It is “just let them play soccer but with a purpose”.

This is our first time participating in the Dana Cup

Gotham Girls FC is excited to participate in the Dana Cup for the first time and will use the experience to continue to build upon the soccer skills of our girls and the relationships between our players and their teams. We believe that playing in a foreign country against so many teams from around the world will be an incredibly valuable experience for our girls and one that they will never forget.

As New York City's premier Club specializing in development of girls soccer (and now boys soccer as well as of 2016), Gotham Girls FC will pledge to support Goal 5 "Gender Equality" at the 2019 Dana Cup - Read more about the Global Goals here

Gotham Girls FC was developed over 10 years ago specifically to address the issues of gender equality in youth sports in New York City. It is our overall goal to raise awareness of the sport and the resources needed for girls to be successful and to continue to enjoy the game as well as to provide them with a program tailored to their development as players.

Website: Gotham Girls FC

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