New Final Times

06. Mar 2019

New Final Times

The Dana Cup Hjørring has introduced 4 new classes for teams to play 7:7 football at this years tournament.

There was an increasing demand for some of our older classes to have the possibility to play 7:7 and at the same time an opportunity to assist teams in giving all of their players the possibility to play.

Sometimes there are too many for one 11:11 team but not enough for two teams, so 7:7 is an extra bonus for these clubs and most of all, a super social option where everyone gets to play football in the summer time.

The new classes are proving to be very popular too!

We have now concluded the placement of the 7:7 A and B-finals and they can be seen online here 

Simply click on the A and B finals for Friday and Saturday to get a drop down menu showing the times, classes and which fields the games will be played on.

The new 7:7 classes at this year’s tournament: Boys 16, Boys 14, Girls 16 and Girls 14.



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