Order your banner or flag

13. May 2019

Order your banner or flag

We are planning an even more festive opening ceremony at this years Dana Cup Hjørring 2019. When our teams walk into the Nord Energi Arena to the official opening ceremony, it will be the most colourful opening ceremony in history. The "tone" is set. Throughout the week, banners and flags will be waving all around Hjørring but mostly around the playing fields and the center area. 

We want our participants to join in from the very start. So we can now give you the opportunity to buy your own personalized banner, beach flag or flag. 

When we open the Dana Cup Hjørring 2019, it will be done in a brand new and updated version and with the different banners and flags it will leave its mark on the opening event and we would like this to continue the entire week.  

To order your banner or flag you simply set up a login from our website here!

You choose the product or products you would like to design, you can make them after your own wishes and you can choose the colour, your own logo and there is also space for your national flag.

With these imaginative banners and flags, it will surely be a festive opening ceremony and a lively week in the city of Hjørring. 

The costs for the banners and flags are extremely lowly priced, which means everyone can join in. Your own "designer banner or flag" can be pick up on arrival to the Dana Cup Hjørring! 

Banner EUR 25

Fan Flag EUR 25

Beach Flag EUR 75 


Brought to you by Pepsi Max and Dana Cup Hjørring

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