Audi and Dana Cup

08. Jul 2019
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Audi and Dana Cup in joint esports tournament

Dana Cup is the world's third largest youth football tournament with around 1,100 teams from 45 nations. This year, Audi Denmark and Dana Cup have partnered up to run an esports tournament, which will take place at the same time as the traditional Dana Cup football tournament.

Commercial leader at Dana Cup, Mads Larsen, is very pleased with the partnership and elaborates:
- For a long time, we have been following the development of esports and we are now ready to be part of it. Running a large esports tournament is a comprehensive project, and we therefore felt it was necessary for us to team up with a partner. Audi is already engaged in esports, and we are very pleased with the partnership with Audi Denmark. The result of which will already be possible to experience at Dana Cup in 2019.

Earlier this year, Audi made a new collaboration with RFRSH Entertainment, who supports Astralis and the League of Legends team Origen. Audi Denmark has been engaged in esports since 2017 and was one of the first brands outside esports, who really believed that esports had come to stay and that consumers would pick up the sport. In 2017, Audi supported the now world-famous team Astralis, who has influenced esports as the kings of Counter Strike. Earlier this year, Audi switched to support the Copenhagen based team Origen and League of Legends. At the same time, Audi expanded its engagement beyond Denmark's borders and went international.

- With Dana eCup, we would like to support talent development and strengthen the strong community around football, which Dana Cup creates for the thousands of young people participating in the tournament each year. Through our engagement in esports, we get the opportunity to do so as well as establishing a natural dialogue with a younger target group and their parents in order to letting them get to know us better. However, first and foremost we want to be an active part of this innovative and digital world, says Morten Friis-Olsen, marketing manager and responsible for Audi's engagement in esports at Audi in Denmark.

Dana Cup opens July 22nd, 2019, and the Dana eCup will be held from Monday to Friday during the Dana Cup week. The esports tournament will run alongside the "real" football tournament at the esports arena in the Dana Cup Event Area.

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