Strong Sense of Community at Dana Cup

24. Jul 2019

Strong Sense of Community at Dana Cup

’Of course, we play to win and we are happy when we do, but the world does not fall apart, if we don’t. For us, Dana Cup is a social event, where we experience a strong sense of community,’ Else Björnstad says.

And Else Björnstad herself is an excellent example of the kind of community feeling found among the members of Mandalskammeraterne. This year, the club participates with 9 teams at the Dana Cup. In addition, the club is now member of Club 100. That is clubs that have sent 100 or more teams to the world’s third largest youth football tournament.

‘For several years, we have been lucky to stay in the business school, where there is room enough for all our teams. Here the youngest can be with the oldest players they look up to. If possible, we watch each other’s games offering support,’ says Else Björnstad, who is in many ways Mandalskammeraterne’s practical octopus solving a variety of tasks ranging from providing cold water to baking a cake for the players and managers.
And that is how Mandalskammeraterne do things. They support each other, whether they are girls or boys, old or young.

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